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Recovery Gone Wrong 

Someone recommended this book to me last week as we talked about our birth experiences (I didn’t buy it because it’s $32 and that seems crazy!). I’ve been pretty vocal that Liam’s birth didn’t go as I had planned and was a little traumatic for me (us) at the time. However, I’ve since come to

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Supply and demand

I can’t believe how many times I’ve been asked, “is he a good eater?” Yes. The kid loves to eat. He is especially interested in nursing, which is why we’ve continued to work so hard on increasing my supply. We’ve had approximately 1 million visit with doctors, nurses, and lactation consultants. We’ve tried supplements, prescription

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The Struggle is Real 

Breastfeeding seems like it should be natural and easy. After all, it has been happening for ages and in times with far less support than what we have today. In our breastfeeding class we took, they even told us the baby will climb up the mom after birth and find the breast on his own. Easy peasy,

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