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Ariba Aruba

We recently booked our next big family vacation (to Costa Rica!) and I’m reminiscing on some of my favorite trips we’ve taken. Everything about Aruba was 100% amazing — so amazing that several times we considered going back there for this trip! After all, we know the island is safe, the people are great, the

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How we travel

When I announced that we were traveling internationally with Liam this year, I got some comments about how other wished they could do the same. I’ve always been quick to mention that L and I are both fortunate to work for companies that have allowed us to travel AND keep all the points/miles for our

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Tips for Traveling with a Baby

I’ll preface this post by saying that we are by no means experts in traveling with a baby BUT, we are feeling pretty good about it after 4 successful road trips in Liam’s first 4 months of life!  First, prepare for your plans to be derailed! Being “on time” with a baby is tough. I

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