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Best Quarantine Purchases

The best (under $30) purchases we’ve made to entertain our toddler during this coronavirus quarantine so we can get some work done, help him learn and all try to stay sane.

Weekend Wrap Up 7/6-8

I got back in town Friday around lunch time and Liam had gone down for an early nap. Since Landon had to work, we made plans with friends to meet up at the pool after nap time. As I was pulling into the pool, Landon texted me to say they’d just closed it due to

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Working Mom + Childcare

As soon as we found out we were expecting, we started talking about our childcare situation. Would we do daycare? Would we get a nanny? Could we do a nanny share? And then that all kind of changed when we realized we wouldn’t be living in Charlotte – and we’d have to reconsider all of

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