Missing Prime Day

Prime Day is delayed this year, so here are 25 of our best non-prime day finds — everything from toys to books to eye cream and the best mop ever.

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As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commission from purchases made via the links in this post. It’s usually cents on the dollar and goes straight into covering my domain for another year.

In years past, I’ve shared posts on Prime Day that highlighted the best deals out there. I’ve also scored some of my favorite items like our toaster oven, my beloved Garmin 245 Music, an InstantPot and some great toddler toys.

This year, Prime Day has been postponed due to COVID. Amazon made a commitment earlier this year to focus on sending out essential items with their expedited 2-day shipping and other items were taking a week or so to arrive. That seems to have dissipated a bit and they’re able to get things to us next day or within 2 days but with an overwhelming amount of shoppers for Prime Day, they might not be able to deliver that same service.

Gallery wall frames + command strips

I haven’t stepped foot in a store in February — which is bizarre. My 3 year old asked me this morning if I remembered going to the “truck store” which is what he calls Target. He clearly has a favorite section there! I do (barely) remember going to Target and leisurely browsing the aisles, packing my cart full of things I don’t necessarily need but will serve some purpose in my life. All of my shopping has been done online for the last six months.

Craft kit

Here are some of our favorite Amazon finds over the last few months:

  1. My exfoliating mitt: I use this about once a week and it makes my skin SO SOFT! You wet it and ring it out and step away from the water in the shower and then scrub. You’ll see all kinds of dead skin come off.
  2. Coola hair sunscreen spray: for the last two years, we’ve used Super Goop’s hair powder but I wanted to try something new. The blondes in this family have light, fine hair and our scalps get burned easily if we’re out in the sun too much.
  3. Painting kit: we have had so much fun with this (and salvaged so many rainy days stuck inside with it!).
  4. Hair scissors: I have *almost* perfected clipping L’s hair now and these have been a huge help. Not only have we saved $30 a haircut (every 6 weeks!!) but he has gotten into the routine of letting me do it and it’s our new norm. These are good for getting his blond hair to blend in!
  5. If I Built a Car book: we L-O-V-E this book. Even the parents enjoy reading it. We also have If I Built a House.
  6. Kinetic Sand: this is such a fun thing to play with IN THE HOUSE and L still thinks we’re the coolest for letting him have sand inside
  7. My new fave running shirts: I love how light and loose these are (and they soak up ALL THE SWEAT).
  8. My grapefruit juicer: I love using this for making cocktails with citrus fruits
  9. Wooden shapes: these have been so fun to play with. They have patterns that you can follow or you can create your own. It also comes in a little tin so it’s easy to keep together and travel with!
  10. Frames for our gallery wall: I repurposed some that we already had but then I bought a few new sets to finish the wall. We used the 16-lb command strips to hang everything.
  11. This wire free bra: if I’m going to be stuck in my house FOREVER, I’m going to be comfortable. Loving the support and coverage (and price point!) with this one.
  12. These clothes hangers: they look nicer than plastic ones and my clothes don’t slip!
  13. These pillows: I love that they’re cooling and they’re great for side/back sleepers.
  14. Giant bubble kit: this is a fun summer find!
  15. Splash pad: my MIL bought this one but our little guy LOVES it!
  16. Preschool tracing letters book: we’ve been out of daycare since March 14th and doing our best to keep some kind of “learning” happening . L surprised us a few weeks ago by writing his name!
  17. Muffin/cupcake pans: I bought two of these so we can make ALL THE MUFFINS during quarantine. Love that they’re non-toxic and easy to clean!
  18. Volcano kit: this was just so much fun for the whole family! Here’s the recap if you missed it!
  19. 28 Summers: this is my favorite book I’ve read this year so far. Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a close 2nd and I just breezed through The Unexpected Spy.
  20. My spin mop: I am still in love with it and singing it’s praises to everyone. Our floors have never been cleaner (except for maybe before we moved in).
  21. Eye cream: people are seeing my face a lot on video these days so trying to do what I can over here
  22. These sandals: I live in these and my bestie Kathleen who is a real Birkenstock wearer didn’t know they weren’t legit and instead a perfect dupe. I got white and silver ones at Target but I’ve been eyeing these in navy.
  23. Monster trucks: I asked L what his favorite toy is that he has gotten lately and he said these were the best (here is the fire truck version)
  24. Our beach canopy! We just got this and are happy that it will work in our yard / over the patio too!
  25. My Instax Mini: I’ve had this camera for years but we’ve ordered a ton of film over this quarantine period and have taken so many cute little polaroid shots that will be treasures for years to come!

Most of these things are not big splurges and are things I’d usually buy. There are a couple things I’d like to see if Prime Day does ever happen but I’m not in a hurry to get them / spend that money.

Muffin tin

Is there anything you’re hoping will go on super sale this year??

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