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The Struggle is Real 

Breastfeeding seems like it should be natural and easy. After all, it has been happening for ages and in times with far less support than what we have today. In our breastfeeding class we took, they even told us the baby will climb up the mom after birth and find the breast on his own. Easy peasy,

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Classes on classes on classes

We may have been a little overeager in our signing up for classes once we arrived in Chapel Hill. We signed up for Prepared Childbirth which was a 4 week, 3 hours every Sunday class. Then there was the hospital tour, a two hour ‘class’ on a weeknight which LW had to fly home early

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33 Week Update

We attended our breastfeeding class this week – and actually learned a lot more than we expected. We both feel a little better about it now and I appreciate that Landon is taking these classes with me and will be there to support me. We have our next meeting with our doula next week and

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