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Book Club: January 2020

I read so many good books in 2019 and am already deep into book #2 for 2020. I definitely want to add in more professional books this year and more biographies (I have stacks already on my shelves) but the bulk will likely still be fiction because for as long as I have been able

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Fall Book Club

In January, I shared a list of books I planned to read in 2019. Here’s an update on what I’ve read and a few new books I’m adding to the list. My goal is still 2 books a month — I’d love to make it 3 but that feels like a stretch. Easier on months

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What I’m loving now — March 2019

My plan to do these posts on a monthly basis didn’t pan out thanks to THREE trips to Boston in February but I’ve got some good stuff to share for March! You guys loved the RBX sweater so much in January that three colors sold out! We did No Spend February and only focused on

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