Spin Me Right Round: The mop that will change your life

Are you in the deep cleaning camp during quarantine or the “who has time for that?” camp? We tried the raved about spin mop and got quite the surprise this week!


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If you’ve been in quarantine (and if you’re in the U.S or most of Europe, you have!) for the past few months, you’ve probably found a few places around your house to clean. Maybe you’ve seen pictures, articles or even entire accounts dedicated to cleaning and organizing — and maybe you’re like me and you rolled your eyes at those wondering who had time for all that jazz.

Most of my days are dedicated to working, trying to keep a tiny human alive, asking Landon “what are we doing for dinner?”, taking walks or going for a long run when I have time and then losing myself in a book until I fall asleep. I guess I should add that I do shower and occasionally wash my hair but there’s a good chance at this point it’s mostly dry shampoo.

I got sucked into the @GoCleanCo account on Instagram after @byKaitHanson started cleaning her dishwasher and stripping her clothes (a way to clean the dirt and grime out of workout clothes even when they’re “clean”). So I purchased the O-Cedar Spin Mop (this one has 2 extra mop heads) and decided I was going to give it a whirl.

The recipe for using the mop includes a teaspoon of Tide detergent, so I had to order that as well. And I figured while I was ordering things, I might as well get some new scrub brushes for the bathrooms and tile and some other brushes for when I clean the washing machine (we have a front-loader). And I ordered Bar Keeper’s Friend for our sink.

We typically use Bona on our floors but GoCleanCo specifically says that Bona will leave a film on your floors and take away the shine. So, during nap time for the tiny human on Wednesday (I took the day off!), I decided to mop our downstairs.

I would like to say that I think we have a pretty clean house — even with having a toddler and a dog running around. We vacuum at least every other day, we mop about once a week, and since COVID, I’ve been pretty religious about wiping down all surfaces, doorknobs and cabinet handles / light switches daily with a wipe. We don’t wear shoes in the house.

But… the water was disgusting. I had to do two buckets so that I wasn’t “cleaning” my floors with dirty water. So I split it into kitchen/dining/living room and then hallway/mudroom/half bath/my (small) office.

The floor FEELS so much better. I jokingly told the kid that we could eat off of it now but he told me that was still only for the dog.  Usually Landon is the one to mop our house but I’m sold on this spin mop and it was kind of cathartic to see the process through and how much cleaner it was making our house. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a new inexpensive mop that’s going to make your floors shine like Cinderella scrubbed them herself!

If you decide to get your own, fill the bucket with HOT HOT HOT water and put one teaspoon of tide powdered detergent in and then pump the spin mop until it’s almost dry. Then mop away and see what comes off of your floors — I bet you’ll be surprised!

I made my first TikTok to show the results.

Have you been in the deep cleaning camp since all this started or in the “who has time for that?” camp? 

4 comments on “Spin Me Right Round: The mop that will change your life”

  1. We’ve been super busy with work – I was working from home before the lockdown hit and my husband’s job is considered essential. That being said, we’ve been talking about taking a weekend and doing a serious deep clean here in the house. We need it! With 4 pets (2 dogs and 2 cats), things can get quite dirty!


  2. I am intrigued by this. I hate cleaning and this may make the dreaded mopping easier…? Could you use any powdered detergent? I make my own non-toxic detergent.


    1. Propbably? I used tide because it’s what they recommended but we usually use non-toxic stuff so the tide really makes us sneeze.

      This really does make mopping a breeze no matter what you use. It’s fast and easy!


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