What we’re loving now: July

Here are a few things we are loving in July — everything from the best hand lotion to the best new Paw Patrol toy we’ve brought into the house!


As an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn a small commission from purchases made on items recommended in this post. I only recommend things we have, use and love! Thank you for your support!

I am mind-boggled over how July has flown by. The days are long but the months are short — that’s the saying, right?

We’ve had a fun month. Lots of time in our backyard inflatable pool, picking tomatoes from our garden, movie nights, hikes and basketball shooting for dad and evening runs for mama.

10 things we’re loving now:

1. WATERMELON! We’ve had some verrry good watermelon this month and had no idea how much L would love it. I think he ate half of a mini one all on his own. This graphic floated around the interwebs earlier this summer and helped us know when ours was ripe (of course someone else picked it from the store).

2. Running shirts: I discovered these budget friendly running tops when I was searching for t-shirts to run in. My shoulders and back were getting so much sun (even with sunscreen) that I wanted to protect them more. I found a really great option for $7 and another one for $20. I like both A LOT and have already purchased another of each.

3. 28 Summers: I couldn’t put this one down. Probably my favorite Elin Hilderbrand book ever. So good. (I’ve read 30 of 52 books for the year!)

4. Peloton: I finally got 100 rides in (200 total workouts). I’ll do a whole review of the bike soon but I’m really glad to have it as an option and I think it has challenged me in new workouts during COVID.

My referral code for $100 off!

5. Paw Patroller: L has been working very hard lately to sit at the table for all of dinner and also to stay in bed after we put him there in order to earn the BIG Paw Patroller. He is in love with it — and now has almost all the pups and cars, too!

6. If I Built a Car book: this is a new fave and super fun for the parents to read too.

7. Ferry Boat bath/pool toy: this has been a hit since the moment it arrived. Fun that the cars can be used separately. And it has given us a chance to talk about some of the ferries we’ve been on — like Ireland, Martha’s Vineyard and Bald Head Island.

8. Miracle Face Erase Makeup remover: I ordered these on the recommendation of a friend and love it. No more need for face wipes or staining wash cloths! It wipes off everything — including mascara and the other side gently exfoliates.

9. Gold Bond Overnight Deep Moisturizing lotion: Kathleen Jennings recommended this so I had to try. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin on my hands and feet. I just put it on right before bed and it does it’s thing.

10. Our dining room table: we finally replaced it after having the old one for at least 11 years. We’re very happy with how this one looks in our space and blends into our color scheme.

Hope everyone is staying cool and safe in this weird time. We’re still treating it like it’s March and we’re home bound. But it has made hitting my reading and running goals easier and between chalk/inflatable pool/sandbox/movie night and rotating toys in and out — it has kept the little one happy too.

Movie night: The Brave Little Toaster

And I’ll leave you with this fun this piece. Tag me if you share on your Instagram!

8 comments on “What we’re loving now: July”

  1. Great post. I love reading what other people have been up to 🙂 We love watermelon in our house too… My boys always out-eat me on them, ha ha. Love your new dining table!! Is it oak? ❤


  2. Wow!! I love your this or that summer edition. I am totally going to use it as a fun activity next time I spend time with my nephews or watch the kiddos down the street for my lovely neighbor. It will be fun to get to know each other a little more and even use it to pick what fun activity to do that day (beach or pool for example). Also, I LOVE those running shirts too. Aren’t they awesome???


  3. Nice post! I have never read blogs on life and this turned out to be an interesting & inspiring read.. Thank you for sharing!


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