Do we need a soft serve machine?

More Amazon prime deals to scoop up today!

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It’s day 2 of Prime Day deals (click for day 1 deals) and there are more things to be bought. As an affiliate, I may earn commission from items purchased through these links. Also deals can change, run out or go away at any time — at time of posting, these are the deals.

Mo is very interested in online shopping

It’s summer and hot as hell in NC so this soft serve machine is going to come in handy. Do we need it? Probably not. Do I want it? Yes. Am I extra enough to buy it? 100%.

I also got this fun tie dye kit (yes, Kathleen, you read that right lol) because I think it will be super fun this summer for all 3 of us.

Magnatiles are on sale and we LOVE ours. L got a set for Christmas a few years ago and we’ve since added to it. We all enjoy playing with them.

Play doh always seems to be a prime deal and I usually grab a set. It’s also great for gifts in the 2-3 year old age range!

Projector + screen is a great deal. Landon got one for his birthday and it has been very exciting for the whole family.

I’ve been eyeing these tiles because I’m constantly losing things like my keys. This seems helpful.

These mixing bowls with lids seem great. Sometimes I need to let stuff marinate or chill before cooking/baking and this prevents the use of Saran Wrap or aluminum foil.

Speaking of bowl covers, I grabbed these reusable ones and another set of our reusable “zip loc” bags.

Our fave face sunscreen is on sale too. Though I also like Supergoop and switch back and forth between the two.

These whiskey glasses are super fun. We love having cocktails in them. They feel fancy and are quality.

Ok that’s all for today. There are endless things you can spend money on. If there’s something you’ve been wanting, now might be a good time to grab it if it’s on sale. Otherwise, the stuff will always be there and don’t spend money you don’t have is a good philosophy. Happy Tuesday!

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