What we’re loving now: summer 2021

A few things we’re loving so far this summer (and a few new discount codes!)

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Bits and pieces of life are feeling normal again (though if you know me, you know I’m still being very cautious). We had a cookout with friends for the 4th of July and joined our neighborhood parade. We’ve gone to lunch and sat out on the patio. And we’ve spent numerous days and nights at the pool — which we didn’t visit at all last year. We are loving the pool!

We are also loving these swim tops for L and this swimsuit for me. I did also buy a new Summersalt suit this year (I have the sidestroke and marina) and I love it, too. (Take $10 off here if you’re a new Summersalt customer)!

We’re loving this couscous and chicken salad. It makes a ton so you have leftovers for a day or two. Also REALLY loving burrata cheese right now with all of our tomatoes and basil from the garden.

We’re loving Roald Dahl books. Landon is reading a chapter or two of a book (currently Big Friendly Giant) at night and L loves it. I like to read Ada Twist Scientist, Rosie Revere and Iggy Peck on my bedtime nights.

We’re all really loving watermelon, too. Is there anything better in the summer?

I’m loving my new headphones. I upgraded from the “wireless” ones where the buds were attached to each other by a wire to truly wireless ones that just slip in my ear. I was between these and air pods but my purpose for them is running so these made more sense. I’m also loving my House of Wise CBD gummies. I was a little skeptical at first but I do actually find I’m calmer after taking one and during a few stressful work weeks, they’ve been a life saver.

I’m loving my new glasses. The frames are Ray Ban and I hadn’t gotten new frames in 4 years so it was overdue and welcome!

I am loving reading (duh!). This book was excellent. Still loving my Book of the Month membership.

We are loving date nights after swim class. We alternate who takes him and then he gets to have a special evening with them. He was a big fan of froyo after dinner with me!

Landon is loving his Father’s Day socks. And also his new Bombas socks. I also just bought Landon some new UPF shirts since we walk the dog so much and our neighborhood doesn’t have a ton of shade. I got him this one, this one and this one. They’re all in the same price range but I figure we can see which brand he likes best and get a few more of those.

I also finally just snagged a Hill House Nap dress and I was prepared to not like it and I ended up LOVING it. Use that link for $20 off your own comfy dress!

We’re all loving summer and grateful to have a little more ability to see vaccinated family and friends this year. Looking forward to some fun trips and special days all mixed in with the regular days (with the fun ice cream truck that comes by our house) that are pretty great too! Cheers!

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