Finding new spots

Discovering new favorite spots for dinner and date nights!

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After living in Charlotte for 10 and 8.5 years, we had plenty of favorite spots and go-tos for everything from lunch/dinner to cocktails with friends to fancy dinner restaurants. Leaving those was HARD. Seriously! Food is a HUGE part of my life (and now I am eating for two!). I also have a bit of an obsessive personality and when I find somewhere I like, I go back over and over and over again. There were at least 7 places in Charlotte that knew my order when I sat down, and I’d say most of those knew my name as well, and my voice when I called in to-go orders.


When we got to Chapel Hill, we agreed to try at least one new place a week. We figured this would help us get our bearings, find some new favorites, and get in as many date nights as possible before Baby W arrives. We’ve found our go-to Mexican at Guanajuato. It’s delicious, fast and provides leftovers for the next day.

Finding a Thai restaurant was high on my priority list. I bookmarked five of them on Yelp and we’re slowly working our way through them. Bangkok 54 was our first and got two thumbs up from both of us. I did have to ask for the spice rack to take it up a notch, but otherwise it was perfect. It’s definitely the closest Thai restaurant to us but we’ll have to try the others before naming a favorite.


Good beer is important, too. Coming from Charlotte, we had almost unlimited options when it came to breweries – and that included three within two miles of our house. Obviously, I’m not drinking right now… but I still love checking out new places and my other half loves trying all the beer options. Fortknight in Apex was the first brewery we tried. They offer cask style beers which reminded us of our time in London. We’ll definitely be back when I can enjoy some of the brews!


Sushi is always on our rotating list of dinners. While I can’t have my usual tuna and salmon rolls, I can still pretend with things like the California roll or shrimp tempura. We found a place pretty close by that has good take out, so we decided to dine in one night. It wasn’t our favorite dining experience ever but for the convenience of sushi, I’m sure we’ll be back.

Tobacco Road Sports Café was one of the first places we went when we arrived to CH. We’ve already been back a couple times for lunch. It’s great on game-days, because we can watch several games at one time, all while enjoying locally sourced food.


Our latest date night was at Weathervane, which is part of Southern Season. We were impressed with our meals (I had sweet tea glazed salmon!) and the service. It was a convenient dinner, as we had plans to see a movie afterwards and were able to just walk over to the movie theatre.


Lastly, we went to Oak Leaf. This wasn’t a new spot for us, but definitely a favorite. We’ve had several special meals here with my in-laws to celebrate various milestones like new jobs and new houses. We were able to share this meal with them to thank them for all they’ve done in helping us move and get settled. Oak Leaf does everything so well and so beautifully. While it won’t be one of our regular spots, it will certainly remain one of our favorites for special outings.

I’m so glad we’ve already gotten to try so many new and delicious places since moving.  I miss Viet Thai, Pisces, Cantina 1511, Chopt and Summit Room like crazy., but am sure I’ll find plenty of new favorites in the coming months. If you have any favorite Chapel Hill/Pittsboro/Carrboro restaurants, please share! I’m building out my CH Foodie Bucket List now!


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