All things baby!

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We’ve been very conscious of the items we’ve registered for as we don’t want to be one of those families that has toys and junk everywhere (no offense if you like having lots of stuff but we have dogs who keep enough toys out for the whole neighborhood so we don’t need a kid who does the same!). We’ve read a couple of great articles on parenting tactics that we hope to employ when our guy arrives: focusing on experiences and simplifying childhood.

That being said, we’ve registered for things that we know we will need (high chair, diapers, monitors), that will make our lives easier in the beginning (Ergo baby carrier, Rock n’ Play, teething toys, swaddles) and keep our babe happy (pacifiers, rattles, books). But kids, and babies in particular, don’t need a ton of toys and things to keep them occupied and stimulated (think back to your own childhood and the things you didn’t have that kids have today… ahem, iPad?). So we hope to keep it as simple as possible and teach him to appreciate what he has and value experiences over things. We’ll be having lots of adventures and are looking forward to showing him the world but not lugging home tons of plastic souvenirs. Our registry isn’t small by any means, but I don’t feel like we have a ton of ‘things’ on there that will clutter the house or are unnecessary.

The items I haven’t decided on yet are a baby wrap for carrying him and a jogging stroller. There are so many options for baby wraps it makes my head spin! And jogging strollers too – I’m leaning towards the BOB, but would love to hear recommendations from real moms!

I just backed this nursing bra on kickstarter. It was created by some gals out of Charlotte and looks fantastic. I’m really excited for mine to arrive in February. Feel free to share, they need to raise $10k to get the bras into production!

Have I missed things on on registry that you’d highly recommend? I’m definitely open to hearing about anything that will make all of our lives easier come January!

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