A year here 

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August 26th marked one year of living in Chapel Hill. We still answer “yes” when people ask if we are from Charlotte. Afterall, we spent almost a decade calling the Queen City home. 

We also still miss Charlotte. Me more than Landon, but we can both agree that we miss the conveniences of shopping and restaurants. I think LW is missing the access to sports. I miss my friends and have horrible FOMO. I also miss being close to my niece and nephew there. We both miss cookouts and birthday parties with our friends. It’s weird watching those things happen through social media and not being a part of them any longer. 

But we LOVE our house. We would have been cramped living in our bungalow in NoDa. With us both working from home, we each need our own office space. It would have been nearly impossible to keep our guest room AND to have created a nursery. We considered a Murphy bed and keeping L’s crib in our room but ultimately it didn’t make sense. And to get a house the size we needed in that neighborhood would have been half a million, easily. 

We LOVE our neighborhood. Landon has taken advantage of the hiking trails. We have all enjoyed the continuous sidewalks and paths that allow us to take long family walks. The dogs love the dog park, trails, and being able to walk a new path on each walk. Tucker enjoyed the pool. We’ve each spent a little time in the gym at our club house. We listened to music in the meadow over the summer. We over indulged at Pepper Fest last year and plan to do it again this year. We regularly eat at the restaurants at the edge of our neighborhood. And best of all, we’ve made some friends with our neighbors. We didn’t have that in Charlotte. Our house wasn’t in a traditional neighborhood and for the most part people kept to themselves. In CH, we know most of our neighbors, take care of each other’s flowers when one is out of town, grab mail or packages, go for walks, play at the park, bring each other meals… it is exactly the kind of community we wanted and exactly the type of neighborhood where we wanted L to grow up. 

We LOVE that L is getting to grow up with his grandparents not only close by, but playing such an active role in his life. Growing up with my Paw Paw so involved in my life will forever be one of my favorite parts of childhood (and life in general), I’m so glad L will get to experience that, too. And his other grandmother (Obbie) gets to see him every single month. 

We LOVE that we are closer to the beach. I mean, who wouldn’t love that? It also means we are closer to our other nephew. In fact, we are equally as far away from each of our siblings now that we live in CH. 

And…. we love Chapel Hill. Or, are starting to. We’ve found some delicious restaurants, and some fave go-tos that we’re either comfortable taking L to or where we love getting take out. We’ve figure out things to do and how long it takes to get to them (nothing is as convenient as in Charlotte). We’ve seen some great music already at Cat’s Cradle… and have a show this week at Haw River Ball Room. We’ve tasted beer at new (to us) breweries. We’ve explored Jordan Lake. We found a Christmas Tree farm. We now know that the Apex Target is easier to access than the Durham one. We fully intend to take advantage of seeing Virginia Tech when they play the local teams. And we’re making new friends. Landon has been able to reconnect with old friends in the area from when he lived here growing up. It’s been good for us. And we’re confident this will be a great town and community to raise our boy. 

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