Baby’s First Thanksgiving

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We actually celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year – once with each family! My in-laws hosted the weekend before Thanksgiving, which was a good test run on how L would eat.

I whipped up a batch of sweet potatoes with cinnamon and almond milk for him and sautéed some green beans with garlic and mushrooms and then we gave him a little bit of fried turkey. As you can see, he LOVED Thanksgiving dinner.

We all took a nice nap after dinner and then L got to play with his cousin for a bit before we headed home.

As I mentioned in my Cyber Monday post, our actual Thanksgiving was nothing like we imagined. L slept the WHOLE way to Virginia but woke up grumpy and sad. He played independently and then took a strong liking to his cousin Drew but otherwise didn’t want much to do with the extended family.

He hardly ate his lunch and refused to nap. Instead, he cried for 4 hours. We changed our plans from spending the night to driving home and hoping he’d sleep well in his own bed. Which he did. He actually slept the whole way home and then ate once more and then slept for 11.5 hours.

He woke up happy and the rest of the weekend was pretty good, although clingy.

Just goes to show, no matter how well you plan, the baby still has most of the control over how the day will go. And regardless of how the day, the weekend, the week goes, I am forever grateful for my little family.

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