Say Cheese: Create your own charcuterie board at home

Our favorite way to eat is on snack platters, charcuterie boards or “schmorgusboards” as Landon taught our 3 year old to call them.

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In July, we went to the mountains for a weekend getaway and I thought the perfect arrival snack would be a charcuterie board. Kayte Fry delivered the most BEAUTIFUL board for us — and it was delicious too!

Kayte Fry | Boards & Bites

Charcuterie boards have basically all of my favorites on them (except for buffalo sauce 🤣) so they’re the perfect snack or meal in my opinion. For our beach trip and anniversary, I decided to create my own!

I ordered this board because what we had was just a longer/slimmer board and I wanted more room so we could add ALL THE THINGS!

Then I ordered a variety of meats and cheeses, several types of crackers, stocked up on olives, added in some fruits, a few spreads and condiments and of course, chocolate(!!!).

The great thing about making a charcuterie board is that you can customize it to your liking. Don’t like blue cheese? Leave it off. Want something salty? Add nuts or pretzels. Need a sweet flavor? Try dark chocolate or dried apricots. I added a super spicy cheese that I had to give a warning with before people grabbed it. I even made one today for lunch because I couldn’t decide what I wanted!

I paid $70 for the one Kayte created and it ended up serving as dinner (with a side of cold zucchini soup) for 4 people. The one I created, I probably spent $50 on the food and we used it more as an appetizer after an afternoon on the beach. Really just depends on how hungry folks are and what they eat on the board. I’m not a big bread/cracker person so I mostly grabbed meat, cheese and fruit (and dark chocolate peanut butter cups).

The toddler even ate a few things: grapes, pretzels and a peanut butter cup. He told me when he saw the board “people can have those after they eat dinner” which is his way of asking “can I have one of those after I eat dinner?” I hope he always asks questions in the form of general statements. LOL

Have you made a charcuterie board? What’s your must have item?

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