Glucose Tolerance Test 2.0

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On Friday, I did the 3-hour GTT at my doctor’s office after fasting since 8 PM the night before. I think fasting is the worst form of torture there could ever be – especially for pregnant women. I arrived at 8:30 AM and this time they remembered to draw my blood in advance of me drinking the sugary syrup.

What everyone had failed to mention was that I would have to drink three times as much sugar as I did the first time for the one hour test. Gross. I gagged halfway through and the lab tech told me that I would have to go home if I threw up and try again on a different day. So I sucked it up and kept it all in.

I worked to pass the time between having my blood drawn. The first tech I had was really nice and didn’t hurt my arms at all when she stuck me (I was literally a pin cushion on Friday). She told me if I failed the first or second hours that they would let me know and I could go home. Finally the third hour rolled around and I had a new lab tech this time, her blood draw is the only one that left a bruise. I asked her at the end the other numbers had looked okay and she said “ehhh… your doctor will have to discuss that with you.” So of course, I left panicked that I had failed.

I had 90 minutes between leaving the office and my actual doctor’s appointment so I called LW to meet me at our new favorite Thai place for lunch. I quickly downed a bowl of Tom Yum (spicy shrimp soup) and then the lunch portion of Thai Basil. And then I sprinted to the bathroom and projectile vomited up all of my lunch. It was awful.

My doctor wasn’t too worried about the situation and suggested small meals for the rest of the day. And the best news of course was that I passed the Glucose Tolerance Test! She said my numbers looked fantastic and we had nothing to worry about! Hooray + Hallelujah!

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  1. Ugh I feel you on this one. I was SO sick the day I had my test. I had to fight so hard to keep that crap down. They told me the same thing they told you, that I had to come back if I threw up and I wasn’t having that so I kept it down. I passed the test though so all good, lol.


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